Title Postdoctoral Research in immunology and vaccinology
Salary $73,760.00/year to $85,292/year USD
Location The Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute of the New York Blood Center Laboratory of Molecular Parasitology
Job Information

Postdoctoral Research position available immediately
The Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute of the New York Blood Center
Laboratory of Molecular Parasitology

We are seeking candidates for a postdoctoral position (junior, senior, or a staff scientist position) in immunology and vaccinology. The postdoctoral fellow will be involved in projects that center on the identification, characterization, and development of naturally secreted proteins of the filarial parasite Onchocerca volvulus as biologics (immunomodulatory and/or immunostimulatory proteins) for human use (https://www.nybce.org/our-research/meet-our-researchers/sara-lustigman-phd)

One aspect of the research is to continue studying the mechanism of action of the O. volvulus protein rOv-ASP-1, which has intrinsic immunostimulatory properties and was shown to be a powerful immunostimulatory innate adjuvant and promotes a balanced Th1/Th2 antibody response and cellular responses to several soluble bystander vaccine antigens and commercial inactivated viral vaccines, including the trivalent and quadrivalent seasonal influenza vaccines. One of the objectives of this study is to develop this highly effective and safe protein adjuvant for different vaccine formulations using a simple aqueous formulation and a much lower dose of the vaccine antigen. Another aspect of the project will be to test the hypothesis that combining rOv-ASP-1 with other innate cytoplasmic adjuvants will synergistically potentiate more effective and durable vaccine-induced protective immune responses against various pathogens specifically in aged populations, and hence restore some of the aging-associated deficits in critical regulatory pathways essential for effective antiviral responses. This research has implications for the preventive treatment of various infectious diseases. The postdoctoral fellow could also join other projects in the lab that focus on the identification of filarial parasite-derived immune modulators that can suppress pro-inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Applicants should have a PhD and/or MD with at least 3-5 years of post-doctoral experience and knowledge in innate and adaptive mechanisms of protective immunity (human and mouse), innate signaling pathways, systems immunology, vaccinology, with interest in the translational aspects of these disciplines. Extensive experience with flow cytometry and molecular techniques, and the use of experimental animal models is also required. Excellent analytical and communication skills as well as a drive to independently ask and test scientific hypotheses are crucial. The appointed person is expected to be productive, creative, self-motivated with a good track record in the broader disciplines of innate and adaptive immunity with practical knowledge in cellular and molecular immunological techniques, able to work efficiently, carefully organize experiments and clearly communicate the research outcomes, as well as work well as a member of a team.

Located along the Upper East Side in Manhattan, LFKRI neighbors world-class research universities that support a highly collaborative biomedical research environment. LFKRI faculty develops innovative, externally funded research programs supported by competitive research grants (Meet Our Researchers – New York Blood Center Enterprises (nybce.org)). LFKRI offers access to a wide variety of shared core facilities, including state-of-the-art flow cytometry, confocal and EM microscopy, GMP-compliant research spaces, and internal IACUC and IRB support.
We offer a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefit package. The New York Blood Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The title of the position will be decided based on the qualification of the appointed person (Postdoctoral Research Fellow – New York Blood Center Enterprises (nybce.org).

For applicants who will perform this position in New York City or Westchester County, the proposed annual salary is $73,760.00/year to $85,292/year. For applicants who will perform this position outside of New York City or Westchester County, salary will reflect local market rates and be commensurate with the applicant’s skills, job-related knowledge, and experience.

Interested applicants should send Curriculum vitae, statement of interest and the names, addresses and Telephone/E-mails of three references to:
Sara Lustigman, Ph.D.,
Head, Laboratory of Molecular Parasitology
Member, Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute, New York Blood Center
310 East 67th St., New York, NY 10065, USA
Phone 212-570-3119, E-mail ; slustigman@nybc.org