> Foreword
> Introduction to parasitology
> Protozoan parasites
> Helminth parasites
> Arthropod parasites
> Index to parasite species

Welcome to "PARA-SITE, an interactive multimedia electronic resource dedicated to parasitology", developed as an educational initiative of the ASP (Australian Society of Parasitology Inc.) and the ARC/NHMRC (Australian Research Council/National Health and Medical Research Council) Research Network for Parasitology.

PARA-SITE was designed to provide basic information about parasites causing disease in animals and people. It covers information on: parasite morphology (fundamental to taxonomy); host range (species specificity); site of infection (tissue/organ tropism); parasite pathogenicity (disease potential); modes of transmission (spread of infections); differential diagnosis (detection of infections); and treatment and control (cure and prevention).

This website uses the following devices to access information in an interactive multimedia format:


PARA-SIGHT life-cycle diagrams and photographs illustrating:
> developmental stages

> host range
> sites of infection
> modes of transmission
> clinical consequences


PARA-CITE textual description presenting:
> general overviews for each parasite assemblage
> detailed summaries for specific parasite taxa
> host-parasite checklists


Developed by Professor Peter O’Donoghue
School of Molecular & Microbial Sciences


Artwork & Design by Lynn Pryor
The School of Biological Sciences

Published by: Faculty of Science, The University of Queensland, Brisbane 4072, Australia [July, 2010]
ISBN 978-1-8649999-1-4