Taxonomy: s.f. Ancylostomatoidea
Animal: Ancylostoma caninum 08.jpg
Sites: Gut
Ancylostoma caninum eggs 64 x 40 microns from the faeces of a dog - saline preparation (note egg is a little longer but otherwise similar to Ancylostoma duodenale). Ancylostoma caninum is a hookworm of dogs. Infective larvae found in moist warm soil can penetrate human skin but rarely penetrate further; they cause itching and irritation in the skin called creeping eruption. Occasionally, a larva has completed the cycle through the lungs and into the intestine of humans and developed into a mature adult causing eosinophilia and abdominal pain - a condition known as eosinophilic enteritis. (Croese, J. et al. 1994. Ann Intern. Med. 120: 369-374.)

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