Taxonomy: s.f. Ancylostomatoidea
Animal: Ancylostoma ceylanicum 20.jpg
Sites: Gut
Ancylostoma ceylanicum posterior end adult male 8 mm. It can be differentiated from A. braziliense as the body is a little thicker. Copulatory bursa characteristic - externodorsal rays short and stout cf A.b. long and slender, mediolateral ray close to the externodorsal lateral ray 80 microns cf A.b. 170 microns and posterior lateral and mediolateral 10 microns cf A.b. 100 microns, dorsal ray 120 microns cf A.b. 200 microns. A. ceylanicum is found in SE Asia, Africa and the normal definitive host is dogs or cats but it can also infect humans maturing in the intestine and causing some clinical symptoms.

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