Taxonomy: Arthropods
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Principles of haemagglutination inhibition test used to identify blood meals of closely related species to detect the hosts on which arthropods feed. Bloodmeal identification is used to study the epidemiology of vector borne diseases, detection of reservoir hosts, detection of arthropod vectors, ecology of arthropods and control of diseases. Other techniques for studying bloodmeals include precipitin tests, latex agglutination tests and haptoblobin identification using gradient gel electrophoresis. Nowdays molecular methods could be used. There is a continuing need for this research to understand and control vector-borne diseases see Boreham,PFL. 1972. PANS 18: 205-209; Boreham and Lenahan 1976. Bull ent. Res. 66: 671-679; Boreham. 1975. J. Trop. Med Hyg. 78: 83-91 Boreham, PFL. 1988 DSc.

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