Taxonomy: f. Cryptosporidiidae
Animal: Cryptosporidium parvum 1 05.jpg
Sites: Gut
Cryptosporidium parvum - Acid fast stain of a faecal smear, oocysts are acid fast, generally round, 4 - 5 microns, each mature oocyst contains sporozoites. (The normal permanent stains for faecal smears such as Trichrome and Iron Hematoxylin do not adequately stain Cryptosporidium. (C- Cryptosporidiium, Y - Yeast). Recommended AF stain method: 1. Smear - fix methanol 30 secs, dry; 2. One percent carbol fuchsin 5 mins.3. wash tap water. 4. 10 percent H2SO4 30 secs. 5. Tap water. 6. One percent methylene Blue 1 min. 7. Wash. (RE Pugh, 1997)

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