Taxonomy: f. Culicidae
Animal: Culex annulirostrus (epidemiology)1 04.jpg
Culex annulirostrus - using a feeding index to evaluate host feeding patterns at Charleville and Kowanyama and look for seasonal variations and its implication for transmission of disease. see Kay,Boreham and Edman. 1979. Mosquito News. 39: 68-72 ; Kay,Boreham and Williams.1979. Bull. ent. Res. 69: 441-457. It is the major vector of Murray Valley Enchephalitis in Australia. This mosquito prefers to feed on dogs rather than fowls or humans and does not show any seasonal shifts in feeding. PFL Boreham did a significant amount of research on blood meals of mosquitos and other arthropods to answer epidemiological questions. see Boreham. PFL. 1988. DSc.

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