Taxonomy: f. Ceratopogonidae
Animal: Culicoides sp. 3 11.jpg
Sites: Skin
Culicoides adult female (biting midge) very small vicious biting fly 1mm with long antennae cause cutaneous rash, often severe local reaction. see study on collecting Culicoides for epidemiological studies in Walker and Boreham. 1976. Mosquito News 36:18-20; and studies on blood feeding and transmission of disease by Culicoides. Walker and Boreham. 1976. Bull. ent. Res. 66:181-188; Kay, Boreham, Dyce and Standfast. 1978. J. Aust. Ent. Soc. 17: 145-149. and using the latex test for identification of blood meals of Culiciodes. Boorman et al. 1977. Bull of Ent. Res. 67: 305-311.

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