Taxonomy: f. Ceratopogonidae
Animal: Culicoides sp. 4 18.jpg
Sites: Skin
Culicoides adult female (biting midge) very small vicious biting fly 1mm with long antennae cause cutaneous rash, often severe local reaction. Sometimes erroneously called a sandfly in Queensland. see study on collecting Culicoides for epidemiological studies in Walker and Boreham. 1976. Mosquito News 36:18-20; and studies on blood feeding and transmission of disease by Culicoides. Walker and Boreham. 1976. Bull. ent. Res. 66:181-188; Kay, Boreham, Dyce and Standfast. 1978. J. Aust. Ent. Soc. 17: 145-149. and using the latex test for identification of blood meals of Culiciodes. Boorman et al. 1977. Bull of Ent. Res. 67: 305-311.

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