Taxonomy: f. Eimeriidae
Animal: Cyclospora cayetanensis 4 04.jpg
Sites: Gut
Cyclospora cayetanensis 8-10 microns acid fast oocysts in AF stained faecal smear. These unsporulated oocysts take 5 -13 days to mature to contain 2 sporocysts containing 2 sporozoites each. This organism causes a flu-like illness with nausea, vomiting, weight loss and explosive diarrhoea lasting 1-3 weeks. They stain from light pink to deep red in the modified acid fast stain. If seen in a trichrome stained smear, the oocysts appear as clear, round, somewhat wrinkled objects. It is important to measure the oocysts to confirm their identity. They were previously known as CLBs. Recommended AF stain method: 1. Smear - fix methanol 30 secs, dry; 2. One percent carbol fuchsin 5 mins.3. wash tap water. 4. 10 percent H2SO4 30 secs. 5. Tap water. 6. One percent methylene Blue 1 min. 7. Wash. (RE Pugh, 1997)

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