Taxonomy: f. Dilepididae
Animal: Dipylidium caninum 6 19.jpg
Sites: Gut
Dipylidium caninum in the dissected gut of a cat. (Pugh 1985 PhD thesis). Adult worms are reddish yellow, 15-70 cms long x 2-3 mm wide with a scolex (250 - 500 microns wide, 4 deeply cupped oval suckers and a club shaped rostellum with 30 - 150 spines arranged in 1 to 7 circlets and capable of protraction and retraction), a short neck and 60-175 elliptical proglottids (segments) - immature-mature-gravid. The segments have 2 sets of male and female reproductive organs and genital pores, hence its name, the double pored tapeworm. .

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