Taxonomy: s.f. Filarioidea
Animal: Dirofilaria immitis (pathology) 12 09.jpg
Sites: Eyes
Dirofilaria immitis immature worm (common heartworm of dogs) in a section of conjunctiva from a 72 year old Queensland man (H&E stain). This is a rare case of D. immitis infecting the eye although it may be more common due to under diagnosis. The eye was inflamed and acute inflammation surrounded the sections of a degenerate parasite, diameter 120 - 156 microns. The thick smooth cuticle, internal lateral longitudinal ridges, thin hypodermis, large lateral cords, well developed coelomyarian muscles and ill defined reproductive organs diagnostic of an immature D. immitis. Note there is no indication of the prominent lateral alae on the cuticle and puckered outer surface characteristic of D. roemeri, the othe Dirofilaria species in Australia, normal host kangaroo. (Boreham RE, Cooney PT, Stewart PA. 1997 MJA 167:51- see Bibliography)

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