Taxonomy: Pseudoparasites and Artifacts
Animal: Dust Mite 08.jpg
Dust mite accidently ingested and passed out in the faeces. 308 x 25 microns. Care must be taken in attributing the presence of an object or organism to reported symptoms. Many objects or harmless creatures have been presented by worried people who think they have passed them in their faeces or urine. Some have just passed through after accidental ingestion while others have accidentally fallen in the toilet bowl or bottle that the specimen was collected in eg. Booklice (Lipinotus reticatus) have also been presented as having passed through with urine. This could not have happened and they probably fell into the jar that the urine was put into. Booklice live on paper, are not parasitic although can cause itching on skin in sensitive people. True infections can be confirmed by repeat examinations of specimens.

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