Taxonomy: f. Enteromonadidae
Animal: Enteromonas sp. 1 21.jpg
Sites: Gut
Enteromonas - like cyst 4 - 10 x 4 - 6 microns in faecal preparation stained with Trichrome, oval with 4 nuclei, no fibrils .Because of its small size and difficulty in studying its morphology, identification was difficult but cysts were thought to be E.hominis which is considered to be non-pathogenic and often not recognised so little is known of this organism; it may be more common than is thought. There were a large number in the faeces of this person who had diarrhoea but no known pathogens were isolated. E.hominis cysts are elongate or oval with 1 - 4 nuclei, usually 2. No fibrils or flagella usually seen unlike E. nana cysts, which it resembles.

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