Taxonomy: f. Enteromonadidae
Animal: Enteromonas sp. 4 24.jpg
Sites: Gut
Enteromonas- like trophozoites pear shaped 4 - 10 x 3 - 6 microns in faecal smear stained with Trichrome. N.B. One nucleus and 3 anterior flagella and 1 posterior flagella extending free posteriorly or laterally although difficult to see. One side of body flattened and no cytostome as in C. mesnili. Because of its small size and difficulty in studying its morphology, identification was difficult but cysts were thought to be E.hominis which is considered to be non-pathogenic and often not recognised so little is known of this organism,; it may be more common than is thought. There were a large number in the faeces of this person who had diarrhoea but no known pathogens were isolated.

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