Taxonomy: f. Hymenolepididae
Animal: Hymenolepis nana 12 01.jpg
Hymenolepis nana fully developed metacestode from the haemocoele of a cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis felis) pupa reared at 25C/3mmHg, 12 days after ingestion of eggs by the larval stage of the flea (development of the parasite was complete after 8 days at this temperature and it was not linked to the development of the flea host). H. nana adult is seen in the intestine of humans but more usually the normal host is the rat (no intermediate host is required, but the cat flea can act as the intermediate host). ( c- cercomer, rh- rostellar hooks, s- sucker) (Pugh 1985 PhD thesis - see bibliography).

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