Taxonomy: f. Ixodidae
Animal: Ixodes holocyclus 6 12.jpg
Sites: Skin
Ixodes holocyclus (scrub tick) dorsal view of enlarged female tick. Note long palps. This 3 host hard tick does not have eyes or festoons but has an anal groove surrounding the anus in front and pale legs. The nymphs and female adults on final engorgment (adults change from yellow to grey and up to 18mm long) 5-13 days after attachment, can cause marked oedema and paralysis and/or anaphylactic shock in humans or animals. This tick is also the vector for Q fever and North Queensland tick typhus. Adults are present in spring and summer. The normal hosts are marsupials eg. bandicoots but attacks humans and many animals (dogs, cats, cattle, sheep etc.) Measurements are vital for id of parasites. Ticks should be fixed and stored in 70 percent alcohol, cleaned with Decon 90 and examined with a stereo microscope. To remove a tick: use forceps or smear skin with oil to prevent respiration, wait 15 mins and then pull out Or dab with ethyl acetate or chloroform.

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