Taxonomy: f. Culicidae
Animal: Mosquito (epidemiology) 1 10.jpg
Sites: Skin
Latex agglutination test in the field. Test developed by P Boreham and colleagues to identify the animals on which blood sucking insects feed in order to study the epidemiology of blood borne diseases in 1968-1979. This test has the advantage over precipitin tests or haemagglutination inhibition tests or the newer molecular methods commonly used in blood meal identification studies, of speed and simplicity and therefore is especially useful for field application although reagents have to be prepared in a lab beforehand. (see Boorman J et al 1977 Bull Ent Res 67:305-311; Boreham PFL 1988 DSc thesis - copies are held at QIMR and the library of the Imperial College London) A prototype of this blood meal identification test kit is held in the Science Museum London E2005.61.1 SCM Clinical Diagnosis

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