Taxonomy: f. Culicidae
Animal: Mosquito (epidemiology) 1 17.jpg
Sites: Skin
Mosquito epidemiology - problems of sampling Culex univittatus in Kisuma, Kenya. see Boreham. 1975. J. Trop. Med Hyg. 78: 83-91. Chandler, Highton and Boreham. 1976. Trans. Roy. Soc. Trop. Med Hyg. 69: 415-425. Chandler, Parsons, Boreham and Gill. J Med. Entomol. 14: 233-240. Caution must be shown when interpreting blood meal analyses in relation to epidemiology of diseases as sampling techniques can affect the results as with this mosquito where the seasonal shifts in feeding patterns varies especially with the availability and age of birds. This mosquito has seasonal variation depending on rainfall and so does its main host, herons but it also feeds on a wide variety of other hosts and feeding varies depending on age of birds but results suggest it is an important vector in a bird-mosquito-man cycle.

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