Taxonomy: f. Culicidae
Animal: Mosquito (epidemiology) 2 04.jpg
Sites: Skin
Identification of Haptoglobins by gradient gel electrophoresis in mosquito blood meals for detecting multiple feeding by mosquito vectors, a significant factor in disease transmission. - Boreham and Lenahan 1976. Bull ent. Res. 66: 671-679. Boreham. 1975. J. Trop. Med Hyg. 78: 83-91, Boreham, PFL. 1988 DSc. This test distinguishes feeds from different individuals of the same species eg of man provided the individuals from different parts of the bloodmeal have different Hp types. It also won't detect that there are multiple meals if one of the individuals has type 0.0. The distribution of Hps of individuals in the area to be studied needs to be determined prior to a survey being done to determine incidence of multiple feeding so that this can be taken into consideration when interpreting the data. Using this technique, it is possible to identify the Hp type of blood engorged by mosquitoes 16-20 hours after feeding and multiple meals of different Hp types 12-16 hours after completing of the second meal. see slides 2.06-3.01

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