Taxonomy: f. Culicidae
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Mosquito epidemiology - haptoglobin (Hp)determination using electrophoresis. Hp is utilised in removing free Hb liberated intravascularly, during malarial infections and that although this is a major cause of the high incidence of HpO in The Gambia, other factors are also important. Using this technique, it is possible to identify the Hp type of blood engorged by mosquitoes 16-20 hours after feeding and multiple meals of different Hp types 12-16 hours after completing of the second meal. see Boreham, Lenahan and Port. 1981. Trans Roy. Soc. Trop Med Hyg. 75: 193-200; Boreham. 1975. J. Trop. Med Hyg. 78: 83-91. see slides 2.04-3.01

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