Taxonomy: Myxosporea
Animal: Myxobolus plectroplites 1 01.jpg
Sites: Gut
Myxobolus plectroplites spores 11 x 7 microns in faecal smear stained with Iodine stain. Myxozoan spores were detected in faecal samples from 3 patients presenting with abdominal symptoms in SE Qld, Australia. All had eaten locally caught Yellow Belly fish (Plectroplites ambiguus) which were found to contain cysts of this parasite. The presence of spores were an incidental finding as in 2 of the patients, other enteric pathogens were present. (refer Boreham et al J Clin Microbiol. 1998. 36: 3728-3730) Spores of Henneguya salminicola (Myxozoa) which resemble human sperm have been reported as spurious infections in faeces (McClelland et al. 1997 J Clin Microbiol 35: 2815-18).

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