Taxonomy: f. Plasmodidae
Animal: Plasmodium falciparum 5 23.jpg
Sites: Blood
Plasmodium falciparum ring forms and gametocyte in thin film - note crescentic gametocytes appear in blood after 10 days of parasitaemia and remain in the blood for 2-3 weeks after the attack. Note that the rings are very small and delicate (1/6 the diameter of the red cell) with fine chromatin. Multiple ring forms (2-8/ cell) are common with falciparum, rare with malariae and only occasionally seen with vivax or ovale. The red cells infected with P. falciparum are not enlarged or mis-shapened or become pale unlike red cells infected with P.vivax and do not have Schuffner's dots but occasionally may have Maurer's clefts (comma-like red dots).

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