Taxonomy: f. Plasmodidae
Animal: Plasmodium falciparum 6 03.jpg
Sites: Blood
Plasmodium falciparum ring forms in thick film. In this film, lysis of the red cells is not complete so that the background is overly pink making it difficult but not impossible to observe the parasites. The background ideally should be clear, mottled pale-grey. When the red cells are lysed, the parasites will be distorted so ring forms become like commas or exclamation marks. If the background is too pale, the parasites will be unstained but if very dark, the parasite will also not be able to be seen. If not enough time is given for drying both leucocytes and the parasites are very distorted. The texture of the thick film depends on the method, quality of stain, depth of staining and on the state of the blood.

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