Taxonomy: f. Plasmodidae
Animal: Plasmodium vivax 3 06.jpg
Sites: Blood
Plasmodium vivax schizont in thin film. It has ~ 18 merozoites fills the enlarged red cell which has Schuffner's dots present and yellow-brown pigment in the centre - all characteristics of P.vivax (schizont has 14-24 merozoites cf. 6-12 for P.malariae, 8-32 for P.falciparum - rarely seen in the peripheral blood but only in a normal sized red cell with no Schuffner's dots,possibly Maurer's clefts and 6-12 for P.ovale which 3/4 fills a red cell of slightly large size and oval, sometimes fimbriated shape with very conspicuous Schuffner's dots) The schizont looks somewhat smaller than you would expect with P.vivax but it is because it is in the thicker part of the film and so not as flattened as it would be in the area of ideal thickness in the thin film.

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