Taxonomy: f. Retortamonadidae
Animal: Retortamonas intestinalis 12 4.jpg
Sites: Gut
Retortamonas intestinalis trophozoite from a faecal specimen (SEM) Trophozoite is pear shaped or oval 4 - 9 microns (average 6 - 7) x 3 - 4 microns with 1 anterior flagellum and 1 posterior flagellum and a prominent cytostome. These were found in a 54 year old patient with a thyroid condition and presenting with diarrhoea. As LM (see 1 01-04, 14, 15) is usually the means to examine specimens, because of their small size and because, if the specimen is not examined within 30 minutes of excretion or fixed these parasites disintegrate, they are often missed. Hence, little is known of them although they are considered to be non-pathogenic. No pathogenic organisms were discovered in this person's faeces despite her symptoms, although Blastocytis hominis was also present - this has been implicated in causing symptoms in some people. (EM by Deb Stenzel)

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