Taxonomy: f. Diphyllobothriidae
Animal: Spirometra mansonoides 4 02.jpg
Sites: Subcutaneous Tissues
Spirometra mansonoides larva, commonly called spargana H&E stained section. This was found in the breast of a 70 year old female who had lived in Malaysia, they were ivory white ribbons with the anterior end suggestive of vertical grooves (i.e. bothria, but not suckers or hooklets as would be seen in cysticercus) up to several cms long but this specimen was a early larval stage with characteristic calcereous corpuscles (10 - 25 microns wide containing CaCO3). The cuticle was 40 - 60 microns wide and the spacing and size of spines with the longitudinal muscle provided the identification. Human infection can occur by ingesting infected Cyclops spp. containing procercoid stage or ingesting (or applying to skin) raw infected second intermediate hosts, fish, snakes amphibians or mammals.

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