Taxonomy: s.f. Rhabditoidea
Animal: Strongyloides stercoralis 19.jpg
Sites: Gut
Strongyloides stercoralis egg - oval and thin shelled 50 - 58 x 30 - 34 microns (slightly smaller than hookworm eggs) obtained in culture; rarely seen in faecal specimens. Confirmation of S.stercoralis infection depends on the recovery and identification of adult worms, larvae or eggs from the stool, duodenal aspirate or sputum. Faecal specimens may not be positive even after a concentration method is performed as numbers of larvae vary from day to day and often are few in number. Special concentration methods are recommended to increase the chance of successful diagnosis including the larval culture method (agar plate method - Koga KS et al. 1991. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 45: 518-521). This provides a means of larval recovery from a larger amount of stool specimen and is safer for the laboratory personnel. Rhabditiform, filariform, larvae and adults may be harvested.

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