Taxonomy: f. Taeniidae
Animal: Taenia saginata 3 01.jpg
Sites: Gut
Taenia saginata adult - portion of an adult cestode - total length 5-10 metres, mature segments square 12x 12 mm and 1 lateral genital pore. The gravid segments have 15-30 lateral uterine branches 16-20 x 5-7 mm cf. T. solium 2-3 m long, mature segments similar to T. saginata, gravid segments - 7-12 uterine branches 13-7 x 3mm. The scolex of T. saginata does not have a rostellum or hooks but T.solium scolex has a rostellum and 2 rows of hooks as does T.pisiformis, the tapeworm of wild canines.

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