Taxonomy: s.f. Trichostrongyloidea
Animal: Trichostrongylus sp. 2 07.jpg
Sites: Gut
Trichostrongylus- 3rd stage sheathed larva 723 (644-790) x26 microns from agar plate culture - toluidine blue stain. Anus to tip of tail sheath - 95 microns. Detected in patients with mild eosinophilia with either none or mild gastrointestinal symptoms. These infestations were found in persons in contact with goats, sheep or other herbivores in Queensland They had become infected by eating unwashed vegetables contaminated with infective larvae. To detect light infections of hookworm, Strongyloides or Trichostrongylus sp. faeces should not be refrigerated and should be cultured; modified agar plate method (Koga et al 1991) is recommended. see Boreham RE. et al. 1995. Pathology. 27:182-185.

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