Taxonomy: f. Enteromonadidae
Animal: Unidentified small flagellate 12 01.jpg
Sites: Gut
Unidentified small flagellate (TEM). This was present in a 90 year old female with chronic diarrhoea. No pathogenic organisms or other causes were found to account for her symptoms. She had been given Metronidazole as a presumptive treatment with no effect on symptoms. In 2 samples submitted 3 weeks apart, there were a large number of these trophozoites - 4-5 x 3-4 microns with one or 2 nuclei, at least 2 flagella and the cytoplasm continued vacuoles containing bacteria. No cytostome or axostyle was present but some appeared to have a pointy posterior. Oval cysts 5-8 microns with 1 - 4 nuclei were also present. EM was performed to assist in diagnosis and they were presumptively called Enteromonas sp but this is not confirmed (they are smaller than the average, 2 nuclei may have indicated the trophozoites were dividing) . Many small flagellates may be present in faeces yet to be identified; their significance yet to be established- some may be free living forms and one must query the method of collection. (see trichrome stain 1 03) (EM by Deb Stenzel)

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