The Parasites in the Pacific 2024 Conference Organising Committee recognises the importance of participation by indigenous researchers from around the world, people with disability, people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, parasitologists of all ages and career stages and LGBQTI+ people. The committee is also committed to achieving gender equality at this event. We value the wealth of talent, creativity and discoveries achieved by women in the fields of tropical medicine and parasitology. We acknowledge that women continue to be underrepresented in the fields, particularly at senior levels, and in the diverse countries that constitute attendance at the congress. This goal of gender equality in our discipline is vitally important for two reasons. The first reason relates to the science we conduct. We recognise that women are under-represented at congresses, both in invitations to speak and in participation. Thus, the important contributions and discoveries made by a significant portion of our community remain under-recognised. Secondly, it is understood that career development in the sciences is driven, not only by publication output, but also by prestige measures, such as active and invited participation in scientific conferences. Equal representation at conferences is thus important for women to thrive and develop in their careers.

To support researchers with families there will be a parent’s room available for delegates to use during the conference. This will have the conference presentations live streamed into the room for parents/carers to watch with their children alongside them.

There will be a multi-faith prayer room available for delegates to use during the conference.

We also want Parasites in the Pacific 2024 to be a safe, happy, and enjoyable conference for all, at the same time acknowledging that, unfortunately, discrimination and harassment can still occur at scientific events. Therefore, we will have a strict Code of Conduct to create a safe space for all our conference delegates and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind.