Download the guidelines for more information about how to apply for a Researcher Exchange, Travel and Training Funding Scheme including a JD Smyth Postgraduate Travel Award.

Applying for an Award

Download an application form to apply for Researcher Exchange, Travel and Training Funding and a JD Smyth Postgraduate Travel Award.

Deadline for applications 30th March 2025

Email Lisa Jones with any queries.

Researcher Exchange, Travel and Training Funding Scheme

Funding Assistance is available to members of the ASP for Researcher Exchanges, Training Courses, Visiting International Lectureships, Workshops and Grant Writing Retreats.

The ASP aims to: promote and facilitate interaction between colleagues, peers and potential research partners; communicate the scientific achievements of its members; and create professional development opportunities for them, in particular for postgraduate students and early career postdoctoral fellows. Therefore, the ASP provides funding assistance for its members to undertake important, relevant travel. This may include exchanges between laboratories (ranging from a few weeks up to a year); or training courses (like the annual Biology of Parasitism Course at Woods Hole); or to finance lecture tours by esteemed international scientists; or to organise and host workshops and/or grant writing retreats that promote or foster significant collaboration between ASP members (e.g. for NHMRC Programs, ARC Centres of Excellence and other large scale research undertakings). This funding scheme does not support travel to attend conferences, with the exception of the JD Smyth Postgraduate Student Travel Award.

JD Smyth Postgraduate Student Travel Award

Financial assistance is to be provided to full-time postgraduate student members of at least 6 months standing who are enrolled at a recognised Australian University for the purpose of travelling overseas to gain knowledge on techniques that may not be available in Australia, to form liaisons that may benefit their careers in the longer term and to promote the cause of parasitology in Australia. The fellowship is not provided for the primary purpose of attending a conference. The maximum value of the fellowship is to be determined annually by the Council. Recipients are to be chosen by a selection committee appointed by Council.

Applications should include details of the travel to be undertaken, the applicants research, evidence of the supervisor’s support and an abbreviated CV. If attendance at a conference is to form part of the travel then a copy of the conference abstract should also be included. The application must include a CV.

Awardees will be required to provide a report of their trip within three months of return from their travel.

Sarah Charnaud, a previous JD Smyth Travel Award winner