Entries closed Monday 31st August and the winners will be announced Monday 21st September

Join us on the ASP Facebook page @ASParasitology on Monday 21st September at 4:30 pm AEST when we announce the winners in each category live.

We have had some wonderful entries for our art competition. We asked you to create your own artwork of a flea parasite using any art technique – drawing, painting, digital or wearable art, clay, animation… Click on an image to see it in large format.

Entry 1 – Thorey Jonsdottir (30)

If you are thinking of starting a family, you will need a home.

Entry 2 – Sarah Farrell (21)

Watercolour with outlining in fineliner

Entry 3 – Sebastian (9 months)

“A felt artwork of a flea with real cat and dog hair attached to make it more life-like.”

Entry 4 – Connie Harris (15)

A big flea adventure.

Entry 5 – Isaiah Ang (5)

Blood-sucking flea.

Entry 6 – Ethan Ang (8)

Leeches bite boy’s leg near the swamp

Entry 7 – Ethan Ang (8)

Flea on a dog.