To complement the scientific presentations at the annual conference of the Society, researchers of international reputation in parasitology may be awarded an Australian Society for Parasitology Elsevier Lectureship and be invited to attend and present their work as:

  • The International Journal for Parasitology Lecturer;
  • The IJP: Drugs and Drug Resistance Lecturer; or
  • The IJP: Parasites and Wildlife Lecturer.

The Society may assist financially in the invited speaker’s attendance at the meeting, including the granting of free registration for the meeting.

The Conference Organising Committee will select the annual recipients of the Lectureships and will consider, but not be obliged to select any of, up to four nominees (at least two of which must be women) from each of the Editors of the Society’s scientific journals. The Editors will submit their nominees (including curriculum vitae) to the Research Network Convenor by March 31 in the year preceding the annual conference. Lecturers will be selected for the quality of their research, in the context of the conference’s scientific themes.

Professor John Dalton, Perth 2013