Parasites VR is a virtual reality experience for parasitology teaching. This experience is designed for all ages from children to tertiary students and has been used for outreach as well as teaching purposes. It was developed by Mr Evan Dekker and Dr Sarah Preston at Federation University with funding from the ASP.


The interactive scenario allows users to identify the different parasites (endoparasites and ectoparasites) that can infect a single host (cow). Users are instructed to find 4 different parasites as well as identify where the eggs are found for endoparasites. Following the identification of the parasites, users are then instructed to treat the animal for the parasites by applying an anthelmintic. The virtual reality experience was developed by Mr Evan Dekker and Dr Sarah Preston at Federation University. They encourage any feedback on the program and are currently using the experience for scholarly research. They are seeking student feedback on the experience so please contact us if you would like your students to participate in the research project survey.

Download the Parasites VR horse/cow experience directly to your headset

Video alternative

For those who do not have the capacity to implement the VR, a video of a user using the VR program is available at the link below. This could be used for online teaching.