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Posters 13-18

Poster 13

Lily Kenchington-Evans, Jose L. Huaman, Carlo Pacioni, Mark Doyle, Teresa G. Carvalho. High prevelance of Entamoeba bovis parasites in Australian wild deer

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Poster 14

Jomo K. Kigotho, Shane M. Devine, Matthew P. Challis, Darren J. Creek, Raymond S. Norton & Peter J. Scammells. Aminobenzimidazoles as Antimalarials with an Unknown Mechanism of Action

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Poster 15

Esther G. Kanduma, David Emery, Naftaly W. Githaka, Edward Nguu, Jan Šlapeta. The invasive blue tick: A looming threat to Africa’s cattle farming.

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Poster 16

Maria C Chiatellino, Ailin Svagzdys, Silvia H Fernández Villamil, Salome C Vilchez Larrea. Inhibition of PARG activity affects lysosomal function and hampers T.cruzi infection in Vero cells

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Poster 17

Obi, C.F., Ezeh, I.O., Okpala, M.I., Idika, I.K., Mbe, N., Nwobi, L.G., Ezeokonkwo, R.C. Azithromycin and Diminazene Aceturate Combination Therapy in Experimental Multidrug–resistant Trypanasoma brucei brucei Infection in Albino Rats

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Poster 18

Xiaofeng Du, Donald P. McManus, Juliet D. French, Malcolm K. Jones, Hong You. CRISPR/Cas9-programmed editing of two key genes in Schistosoma mansoni.

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