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Poster 7

Nirupama Nammunige, Kylie Agnew-Francis, Deepani D. Fernando, Sara Taylor, Hieng Lu, Gangi Samarawickrama, Craig Williams, Robin B. Gasser and Katja Fischer. Investigating the potential of Manuka oil as a novel topical scabicide

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Poster 8

Sandra Marcia Muxel, Stephanie Maia Acuña, Juliane Cristina Ribeiro Fernandes, Jonathan Miguel Zanatta , Lucile Maria Floeter-Winter. Toll-like receptors couple microRNA regulation targeting macrophage inflammatory response in Leishmania infection

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Poster 9

Jonathan Miguel Zanatta, Stephanie Maia Acuña, Lucile Maria Floeter-Winter, Sandra Marcia Muxel. Effect of arginine and polyamines availability in the response of macrophage infected with Leishmania amazonensis

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Poster 10

Madeleine J. Rogers, Catherine A. Gordon, Donald P. McManus. Utilising Whatman FTA card technology to identify cell free schistosome DNA in a mouse model

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Poster 11

Tulio L. Campos, Pasi K. Korhonen, Andreas Hofmann, Robin B. Gasser, Neil D. Young. Combined use of feature engineering and machine-learning to predict essential genes in Drosophila melanogaster and its implications for other arthropods

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Poster 12

Tamara Sternlieb, Alejandra C. Schoijet, Patricio D. Genta, Guillermo D. AlonsoT. cruzi has two different AMP-activated protein kinase complexes with divergent function

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